If you’re looking for a low-priced smartphone, consider the Samsung A21. Its big battery is a great selling point, but its 720p display with low max brightness and unimpressive cameras will turn you off. Also, you’ll find a bunch of crapware on the device, and it comes with a lackluster camera. So, is the A21 worth the money? Read on to find out.

6.5-inch display

The 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy A21 displays a wide range of colors, delivering an HD+ resolution with a contrast ratio of 1,267:1. It is a multitouch screen and supports up to 16M colors. Samsung has incorporated the AMOLED technology into this screen, which is common among today’s smartphones. The result is a crisp and detailed screen that provides gorgeous color rendering and deep blacks. The 6.5-inch A21’s screen also boasts good viewing angles, making content readable from a variety of angles.

Despite its large display, many users would prefer a device with a smaller screen. However, most users prefer phones with a screen size of between five and 5.5 inches. While this may not be ideal for many users, the 6.5-inch A21 might appeal to those who love big-screen phones. In fact, the A21’s display boasts a 20:9 aspect ratio, which is longer than the standard 16:9 ratio of full-screen phones. This aspect ratio, however, is beneficial if you want a cinematic experience when viewing media.

The Samsung Galaxy A21 is quite similar to the Galaxy A11. It measures 167.8 x 76.7 mm and weighs 193 grams. Although it is bigger and heavier than the Galaxy A20 and the Samsung Galaxy A11, it is still a large phone – in fact, it’s larger than both. The display is responsive and colorful, and it has a hole-punch front camera.

Storage capacity is a major concern for many buyers. The Samsung A21 features two different storage options – 64GB and 32GB – which are fairly low by modern standards. Furthermore, the phone comes with many pre-installed applications that eat up valuable storage. Even if you disable them, the apps will continue to hog up space on the phone. While the display itself is large, there are a few downsides to this model.

16MP main camera

The Samsung A21 features a 6.5″ HD+ Infinity-O display and a quad-camera system with a 16MP main camera and two other cameras, including a depth and macro lens. It also comes with a 2MP depth camera, and supports digital zoom up to four times. The main camera is the star of this phone, but it’s not the best. The rest of the cameras are pretty useless, too.

The Samsung Galaxy A21 has a 6.5-inch Infinity-O screen, a 16MP main camera, and two other cameras for the front and rear. It also has a 4,000 mAh battery and 15W fast charging support. The Galaxy A21 comes with Android 10.0.0 out of the box. Samsung’s A-series isn’t the only smartphone with a 16MP main camera.

The Samsung A21 has a powerful quad camera system, including a 16MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. It also comes with a 6.5-inch HD+ Infinity-O display, which makes it an excellent choice for photographers and videographers. A16MP main camera, which is Samsung’s most advanced, is complemented by a second, more powerful 13MP front camera.

The A-series phones are similar in terms of design, with an attractive black matte body that’s comfortable to hold. The rear panel is made of plastic, which shows oil from your hands. It’s also more susceptible to scratches and dents than glass. Furthermore, the Samsung A21 doesn’t come with a protective case, and the battery and USB-A-to-C cable aren’t included.

8MP selfie camera

The 8MP selfie camera on the Samsung A21 offers poor detail, colors, and contrast. Its portrait shots are ok, but they lack subject separation. For an entry-level phone, the selfies are so-so. The camera also lacks electronic video stabilisation, so you won’t be able to use it for videos. However, it still takes decent selfies. The rear camera is a useful choice for video calls and is capable of capturing high-quality images.

The Samsung Galaxy A21 comes with a 64GB storage capacity. The phone also has four cameras on the back. The main camera has a 48MP resolution, while the 8MP ultra-wide camera has a 123deg field of view. The rear camera is capable of shooting high-quality pictures, whether you’re shooting a group of friends or a landscape. It also features a physical fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung A21 also offers a curved back, with a cutout for the selfie camera at the top. The phone has a 4000mAh battery, a 6.5-inch IPS LCD-screen, and a quad-lens camera. It also supports 4G LTE. If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable Android phone, the Galaxy A21 is the one to get. You won’t be disappointed.

The front of the Samsung Galaxy A21 is another excellent feature. The 8MP front camera has a decent resolution for selfies. The front of the device is a good choice for video chats. In addition to a standard rear camera, the front has an 8MP camera with a f/2.2 aperture. Despite this small downside, the overall experience of owning this phone is great. The Samsung Galaxy A21 is available for $249 at Ting Shop.

512GB storage capacity

The 512GB storage capacity on the Samsung A21 is quite sufficient, but the user needs to decide if they need to download content regularly or only occasionally. If you plan on streaming video on the phone, you may want to go for the 256GB model. Aside from that, the A21 supports microSD cards up to 512GB. It has a headphone jack, too, and a microSD card can be expanded up to 512GB.

Another important consideration is the budget. You may not need a 512GB smartphone right now, but you may want to buy the larger version in the future. A 256GB version might be enough if you’re only planning to replace your current phone. Keep the tips I shared above in mind and you’ll be fine. And, if your storage capacity is too limited for you now, you may consider a smaller 256GB version instead.

The 6.5-inch Infinity-O display is quite large, and the dual rear cameras have good performance. The Samsung Galaxy A21 features a 16 MP main camera and two ultra-wide sensors. On the front, you’ll find a 13-megapixel camera. Its four cameras can take great photos, too, and it has a 4000mAh battery. A microSD card can expand the storage capacity even more.

The Samsung Galaxy A21 will be available for purchase on April 8, 2020. The expected price for the A21 is Rs. 13990. Its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy A20, has a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen and is available for Rs. 3583. The A21 features a fingerprint sensor, and the dual-SIM support means that you can use two SIM cards at once, one on each side of the phone.

Android 10 operating system

The Samsung A21 is running Android 4.4. You can install the latest Android system update by unlocking the app launcher, going to Settings, and choosing the Software Update option. You can choose to download the latest firmware and software update on your phone using either mobile data or wifi. You can also choose to auto download the update only on wifi, which will check for the latest android system update files on Samsung servers. Then, follow the steps to install the update.

The Samsung A21 is the successor to the Galaxy A20, which was released in the US. The phone packs a 6.5-inch Infinity-O display with a punch-hole on the top-left corner. It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, but you can expand this by adding a microSD card. The phone runs Android 10 operating system, with the One UI 2.0 skin.

The latest Android update for the Galaxy A21 brings the One UI 3.1 to the phone. This new operating system is based on Android 12. Samsung has also released the details of the stable version rollout. The latest firmware for the Samsung A21 is codenamed A215USQU5BUI4 and includes the latest security patch. If you’re worried about compatibility, you can download the latest Android update for your Samsung A21 from Samsung’s website.

The latest Android update is coming to the Galaxy S20, A20, and J3v. The A20 will be getting the Android 10 update in May 2020. The update will bring dark mode, parental controls, improved gesture, and Focus mode, among other improvements. The Galaxy J3v is still getting the update in June 2020. This update is coming with One UI 3.0, and is recommended for Samsung phones.